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Inspiration for Blessed Bundles

Hello, We are excited to celebrate our 3rd year as an organization. We are deeply inspired by our founder Scott Garcia. Scott was a ward of the state until he aged out of the foster care system. The vision to start an organization that focuses on providing guidance and support for foster parents across the US and maybe one day the world is inspired by the 13 foster homes & 5 group homes Scott lived in as a child. Scott learned early on that many foster parents were ill-prepared to handle the complexities of bringing children into their homes who may have had some traumatic experiences. In many cases, foster parents had their heart in the right place but did not have the resources to equip them with the tools necessary to successfully foster. Blessed Bundles looks to bridge the gap between a parent's heart and a child's needs within the system. We believe this can be achieved through networking a sharing of experiences and providing as much support as possible. We will not stop and we will always look to innovate any way we can to achieve great results.

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